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Hola Espirito
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Hola Espirito

  • Beverages
  • Cocktails

Classic cocktails never die. They change their appearance and name, and they reappear. In this case they took the RTD form, were initiated into the secret ritual of the spirit of the jungle and came back sharper in a relaunch for the youthful audience.

Hola Esprito salutes the spirit. Both the intellectual and the liquid one.

The extrovert Spanish word “hola” and the Portuguese “espirito” are shaken together to make an Esperado cocktail that captures the joy of life in every intoxicating sip.

Intoxicating being the appropriate word. Where intoxicated with joy means to be submerged in colour. In the design, the effect of the kaleidoscope tosses pieces of fruit and transforms them. Their transformation into a tiger, a mythical creature, symbol of freedom and wild coolness is an absolute action.

The way that the creature looks at you in the eye symbolises the hypnotic power of the drink which helps you to discover the lighthearted, exotic, dancing you. You drink and dance. You drink and fly. You drink and find yourself in unexplored places. Nothing remains still. You enter into a cosmic shaker and wish you stayed there forever.

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Awards & Distinctions

2021Indie AwardsBronze AwardMost Innovative Use of Design
Indie AwardsBronze AwardPackaging
Packaging AwardsBronze AwardInnovation in Plastic/ Glass/ Metallic/ Paper/ Mixed packaging
Red Dot AwardBest of the Best AwardPackaging Design
A’ design awardsSilver AwardPackaging Design