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It’s that moment when talent and knowledge become one and products transform into brands.


Together we’ve walked our outward journeys.


That we can materialize our daily obsessions, we call it a gift. That we win awards, both in our country and abroad, triggers our passion for even better work, even bigger adventures.


awards International & National competitions







When great ideas meet great people, borders are removed. Our body may live in Athens, but our spirit, passion and actions travel the world.


What We Do

Even if we love our idea today, tomorrow we’ll think different. Think better.

Brand Strategy

We research. Analyze. Compare. We compose a full spectrum of data. And then we deconstruct. We get to its core. This is the place where our strategic thinking gets fully charged.

Brand Identity

We don’t design identities. We create personalities. Who existed before existence. And even though they live in the present, you can clearly identify their footprint in the future.

Brand Communication

We create heroes and antiheroes. Make conversation. Provoke responses. At times we trigger reactions. We’re consumed with the now and live through small explosions. Creation and creativity are one and the same.

Brand Experience

Our challenge is their behaviour. Is it an eye-opener? A jaw-dropper? If they flinch, we know we cracked it. Only then is it worth it. Only then can we call it an experience.


Sharing stories.

When they ask me here or abroad, who is the most passionate and talented Graphic Designer both in creativity and strategic thinking, there’s one name that comes to mind: that of Antonia Skaraki. The successful brands we’ve shared together and other projects I’ve seen, convince me that her 30 years of experience and the fresh talent she employs in her company create a combination destined to do great work, no matter how big the challenge.

Niki Smirni

I feel lucky to be on the same path with Antonia for the last 25 years. She’s the most positive and creative person co-operating with Mad. Her sense of empathy gives her the unique ability to capture instantly where you stand with your ideas and projects, and make you visualise how far you can take them. The truth is with her on your side it’s a case of sky is the limit.

Andreas Kouris

Sweet and fierce, combined in a unique imagination.

Aristi Sarra

Antonia is an endless source of creative energy! She is uniquely talented and our work together survives and thrives 20 years later. It is a testament to its quality and her inspiration. Congratulations Antonia, and to many more amazing dreams coming true!

Agapi Sbokou