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The trigger was a journey. One of those that change the way you've seen the world so far. The kind that compels you to do something. We only had our tools. It’s these tools we used to express what we felt.

The children. All this journey was about the children. And whatever we want to capture, we want to do it for the children. In this place where drinking water is carried in dirty containers, and 70% of women suffer from anemia, the children dance. The children laugh. The children crave for a hug without crying.

These images become a meeting point on paper. Statistics meet poetry, thoughts, correspondence, from every corner of the world. They create a parallel universe. The reflection of our gaze. A world we've just found out about. It's good to know. So Fa Haiko, as the name on the boat suggests, watching over the children, washed ashore in the sand.

  • Naming & Nomeclature Systems
  • Typography
  • Visual Identity
  • Image Language
  • Campaign Concepts
  • Experiences & Environments

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