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Odysseus describes the land of the Cyclopes as "a land that never knew the taste of the olive tree's fruit." The olive was so precious to the ancient Greeks that its absence marked a lack of civilization.

Faris Extra Virgin Olive Oil's corporate identity, originating from the rich, historic, and sacred valley of Messinia, rekindled memories passed down through generations. Greeks from times past gathered olives, pressed them for oil, and drizzled the liquid gold on warm village bread. We aimed to document it all and craft an ode. But we don’t have pens; we use images and fonts.

So, we fashioned a visual verse to span the gap between the past and future. A simple, meaningful, but powerful graphic: Lines. The lines of the valley, with Mount Taygetos soaring in the background. Or the fluidity of olive oil as it flows from containers of then and now. Or the garments of ancient women gathering fruit, swaying in the wind. Or perhaps the ever-shifting sea of Kalamata. Amidst the waves, a golden hue. It's the oil's top-notch quality. Or the sun unveiling it all.

I lived the beloved name

In the shade of the aged olive tree

In the roaring of the lifelong sea.

Odysseas Elytis

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