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Adam & Eve
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Adam & Eve

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Under the August sun of Kalamata the figs, fleshy and sweet, yearn for the human touch.

Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves, after they became conscious of the real world. The connection to the very first man and woman of the planet gives the brand archetypical vibes. It is the indisputable first. The packaging mimics the people. It’s also covered by a fig leaf tantalising the senses with little glimpses of what’s inside.

18th-century hand-made nature illustrations have been our inspiration. They create a visual journey by resembling a vintage scrapbook of a scientist who observes the fig as an artist.

The fig leaf taking central stage becomes iconic. It transports they eye to the lush landscapes of Kalamata in Messinia, where the Messinian fig tree produces sweet and fleshy figs. The label’s palette echoes the sun-drenched fields where these figs are cultivated.

This powerful ancient symbol which appears first in Homer’s Odyssey, became our muse in a creation which combines humanity’s enduring relationship with nature with their ability to inspire innovation in a tribute not only to design but also to the value of such a timeless superfood.

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