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“A bite of freshly baked bread, leavened with sourdough and cooked in a wood-fired oven, immersed in extra virgin olive oil that still carries the flavour of freshly cut fruit and its aroma tantalizes the senses, is a bite providing staggering indulgence.”

Albert Arouh, Art Cuisine - Food as Art

Simplicity is challenging. It does not compromise. It demands the finest ingredients, requires art and love. This is how Ipirotissa has managed to become one of the most renowned high-end food stores. However high it ascends, it firmly steps on its history, place of origin and values.

The design of the logo suggests two protagonists, 'Η' and 'Π', two letters from the Greek spelling ΗΠΕΙΡΩΤΙΣΣΑ. They overlap, creating a sturdy base which gives the brand the confidence to take its success as high as it desires. The logo is an authentic character. Its clean and strict lines are sincere. It looks you straight in the eyes, without boasting. You get what you ask for. Clarity is combined with simplicity in a combination that usually builds premium brands.

Its descriptor is two words. They express how the brand, aspiring to offer indulgence – which sounds single-minded - has created behind it a complex world of culinary art, research, strategy, talent, technique, travel, and love. The experience offered by Ipirotissa is a combination of simplicity and maximalism. Great experience leads to subtraction. Everything unnecessary is removed, leaving only profound knowledge. Only profound knowledge can generate a wealth of flavours, shapes, colours, names, services, and create, not just a place but a phenomenon.

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