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Stamatakis Bakery
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  • Stamatakis Bakery
  • Stamatakis Bakery
  • Stamatakis Bakery
  • Stamatakis Bakery
  • Stamatakis Bakery
  • Stamatakis Bakery
  • Stamatakis Bakery
  • Stamatakis Bakery
  • Stamatakis Bakery
  • Stamatakis Bakery

Stamatakis Bakery

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At Stamatakis Bakery in Crete, along with the smell of warm bread, freshly baked rusks and traditional oven baked goods, along with the aroma of the sweet round biscuits and doughs, arises the complete story of this family.

The care of the mother, Eugenia and her presence in every recipe, every treat, every kind word were kneaded together with the art of lithography. That became our design guide for this identity, which honours the person and the tradition. Black and white allow only the essential to be visible. Black and white are our glimpse of the past. Our memories. The echoes of history.

We went back in time and found the traditional stamps on the bread offerings. The religious reverence with which the Stamatakis family treats the bread created an imperishable logo, bearing the stamp of the creator. It is accompanied by Eugenia’s signature. Everything passes through her hands. It’s the hands of mother. Every creation has her blessing.

Eugenia wears bows instead of having ribbons wrapped around her boxes. These bows are scraps and leftovers which instead of being thrown away, are used in the creation.

Here, detail is important even on the product names. Eugenia speaks in Cretan local dialect. She says Agalidakia for the lighter, healthier suggestions. She says Glykokamomena for the sweets. Kouzoulismata for traditional products with a twist. And Halalizika for the classic favourites. She says other things too, she so likes chatting, and she always has something to treat you.

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Awards & Distinctions

2022EBGEPraiseGeneral Category
Indie AwardsGold AwardMost Innovative Use of Design
Indie AwardsGold AwardPackaging
Packaging AwardsGold AwardSuccessful Branding
Red Dot AwardRed Dot
Novum AwardsGold Award
Marking AwardsMarking AwardBest Structure & Material Design
2023World Brand Design Awards

Silver Award

World Brand Society Awards

Bronze Award

Packaging Design

A Design Awards

Golden Award

Packaging Design

Marking Awards

Marking Award

Best Structure & Material Design
Kyoto Global Design Awards

Certificate of achievement

2024Muse Awards

Gold Award

Packaging Design Retail