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What is egg? Is it food? Inspiration? Creation? The symbol of fertility and life cycle?

It’s so tiny it fits inside our palm and so great it can fit the history of humankind.

When it needs to become a brand, its identity is incubated like the egg itself. This is what we did. Our creativity was incubated, and a new land and characters were born. We created a farm where interesting characters lead a dreamy life and where eggs are born with love.

Rooster with PHD in Musicology

The leader. He sings, helps, flirts and supervises. Having had an enormous musical experience, he teaches his dear friends, the hens. He’s also very sportive. A 3 times Olympic champion in the Pecking Marathon and a world record holder in 3 metres puddles, the Rooster is a role model for all Farmland inhabitants.

Adagio, Sage and Zen

Introducing Mis Nelly, representative of barn eggs. She loves interior decoration and just before roosting, listens to classical music with her girlfriends. She enjoys relaxing on her egg couch with a cup of tea, listening to an adagio. She knows how to play clavichord and yearns to learn about the Romantics from her mentor, the Rooster. On Fridays she invites her girlfriends for some Top of the Pops karaoke, Mani-Pedi and posting selfies on Instagram.

Punk Rock and Chicken Wire

This is Captain Machi, the supervising officer of free-range eggs. The writer of revolutionary slogans. A real feminist of the farm. Every Sunday, Captain Machi and her band thrash dance next to the chicken wire and excite everybody with their punk rock music. Their songs are unconventional, packed with social messages about freedom and against mutated corn. Captain Machi is a self-taught electric guitar and bass player. She also writes lyrics with Rooster’s help. She loves relaxing with her feet in cold water and a spoonful of salt while reading the “Hen Worker Weekly” free press.

Chicken Opera by the Old Lemon Tree

She is the queen of biological eggs. Voilà Madame Coco. Every morning, in the sunny garden, she watches chicken opera at the Old Lemon Tree Opera House. Tonight, the performance is exquisite: Ode to a High Quality Grain of Corn. Madame Coco is sitting in the first row mesmerized by the superb tenor voice of Rooster. She is also a yoga fan and when she retires to her quarters, at sunset, she studies the chakras. Sometimes in the company of Rooster. Gossip says that when she meditates next to the pumpkins, the turkeys from the next farm eat their heart out.

The Avgoulakia project was a creativity incubation project for us giving birth to a multilayered result, the first in its category using fiction and narration.

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Awards & Distinctions

2019PentawardsGold AwardFood
ErmisBronze AwardBranding & Design
ADC awardsBronze AwardPackaging Design
A’ design awardsGolden AwardPackaging Design
Packaging AwardsGold AwardFood
D&ADFinalistPackaging Design
2020WorldstarCertificate of Merit
Marking AwardsBest Design of Business Value
Red DotWinnerFood Packaging
World Brand Society AwardsSilver Award
Packaging AwardsSilver AwardFood Packaging
A' Design AwardsIron AwardFood Packaging
2021Indie AwardsGold AwardBranding / Rebranding & Corporate ID
Indie AwardsGold AwardPackaging
Indie AwardsGold AwardBest in Design
Indie AwardsSilver AwardWebsite
Novum AwardsGold AwardPackaging Design
Novum AwardsGold AwardDigital Art