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Driven by scientific foresight and innovative passion, in 2007, Mr Sadek Houssein, an ENT surgeon, phoniatrician and Dr. Dimitra Papalambrou, a PhD clinical microbiologist found Bochery Lab Esthetique, with the determination to optimise skin care with the power of Nanotechnology. By using Nanomaterials, which thanks to their microscopic size can penetrate into the deeper layers of epidermis, the lab creates a line of high-tech dermocosmetics, categorised as Youth Travellers.

Splitting the drop bestows upon the logo a scientific dimension and at the same time captures, in its visual approach, the power of Nanotechnology. The design is simple, almost Doric. It conveys confidence and authority. The chosen titanium colour refers to the industrial material used in innovative projects leading the future of the planet.

Bochery creates products, appreciated by the scientific community, which find their place in the global market having as their peak moment their placement at Harrods.

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Awards & Distinctions

2022Packaging AwardsSilver AwardStructural Design Innovation
2023A Design AwardsIron AwardPackaging
C2A Awards