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Fairy Fox
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Fairy Fox

  • Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals
  • Natural Skincare Products

Once upon a time, there was a woman who adored children. And because she loved them so much, she wanted to find a way to care for their skin in the most natural way possible. She made creams, ointments and soaps with ingredients she collected from nature.

When the time came to package the products, she came to us.

We started our journey towards the forest, home of our friend, the cunning fox. Not only was she clever but also kind and wise. She cared for all the animals. She took care of them when sick and concocted elixirs out of herbs to keep their sensitive skin from becoming irritated.

We sat with her and told her about the products the woman made for the children. We explained to her that their sensitive skin is exposed to the dust of the city and the hardships of life. And asked her to become the spokesperson for these cosmetics. She agreed. This is how the Fairy Fox range was born.

What shall we call you? We asked her. Clever? Wise? Kind? She said her real name was Nature. We decided to help her and assigned one animal to every product. The fluffy sheep for the Hair Conditioner; the stylish deer for the Moisturizing and Massage Body Lotion; the swift hare for the 2 in 1 Shampoo & Body Wash. Other animals came along, happy to take their place on the rest of the packs.

Then we thought, in order to create packages for children we had to become children ourselves. So, we took our scissors and cut shapes out of paper, dipped our brushes in oils and painted meadows and forests. We drew the fox sitting on top of every animal near their tummy, the birthplace. The fox, with its long tail wrapped around, holds her sacred mortar and pestle, where she mixes the elixirs. Mother nature, protector of life.

As she moved from animal to animal, she changed locations. She went where she could discover the magical ingredients of health. She found the soothing ingredients for the body lotion in the heart of the forest. The chamomile that she needed for the shampoo she gathered from the fields. One animal for each location. One location for every concern. This union of nature, location and child was so beautiful that it remained forever.

And they all lived healthy ever after.

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Awards & Distinctions

2020A’ design awardsSilver AwardPackaging Design
2022Packaging AwardsGold AwardLabelling Innovation