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The only way to create a design for a fairy tale is for you to become part of the fairy tale. We left our everyday bodies behind, took those made of gold dust and went through the fairytale portal. Pencils and mouses transformed into carpentry tools and we began to carve a sweet brand; window to this world.

Being inside, we had to choose from many stories. From Pinocchio’s nose that grew every time he looked at chocolates and ice cream. From Geppetto who changed the wood into chocolate and the glue into candy. From the school which, instead of notebooks was full of sweets, nougats, cornetts and slushies. From all kinds of miracles, from the Blue Fairy and her magic wand.

With our tools we shaped the logo and created characters that took us to a nostalgic childhood. We followed a systemic approach – from the typography, the colour, the packaging and the copy, until the happy end.

We carved a fairytale world to the detail, as if Geppetto himself had made it with his own hands, and we had the joy of seeing the story unfold and mesmerize children and adults alike.

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Awards & Distinctions

2024Muse Awards

Gold Award

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